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Product description

The best tool for heavy duty tensioning and cutting of PET and PP straps.

The MUL-320 tensioner is recommended not only for work with PET straps but also for tensioning of PP straps with width more than 16 mm while packaging heavy freights. MUL-320 features Teknika's patented windlass return mechanism for effortless feeding of strap.

Working position - without limitations.


Working part



Model MUL-320
Strap width, mm 9-19
Min strapping width, mm 125
Working position No limits
Type of used sealing element Semi-opened seal SP
Wire buckle
Dimension, mm 280 х 75 х150
Mass, kg 1,6
Comparison with analogues

You can also buy cheaper its analogue LJ-330, made in China. But MUL-320 lasts 10 times longer, due to very high-quality casting, high-strength parts and patented technology. Our holding produces this tool and you can order spare parts for it. MUL-320 belongs to the class of professional tools and is sold all over the world.