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Packages Zip-Lock - one of the most efficient and simple in use types of packing, which provide good safety of goods. Transparent material of package lets the buyer to see the product before buying, which has additional preference for the qualitative product. Special construction of Zip-Lock (“gripper”) provide satisfactory hermetic and, in that time, ensure, in need, multiple use of package.


Original pawl of Zip-Lock recently has wide area of distribution. Popularity of pawl is stipulated by its improbable practicalness. Zip-Lock (“gripper”) allows to close package is almost hermetic, and done it any number of times.

Today Packages Zip-Lock are used in different fields – in life and industry, in science and medicine. Manufacture packages with Zip-Lock fastener are economical, its properties are allow to use this type of fasteners very widely. In packages with Zip-Lock you can pack jewellery, hardware, drugs, seeds, bijouterie, by a word, all that can spill out or need to be protected from moisture..

Typically, with Zip-Lock are equipped rather dense packages, made from high-density polyethylene. Therefore, such a package can be reused. Given that the Zip-Lock can be opened and closed many times, today it is one of the most popular types of fasteners in the world.

Packages of standard dimension type are always in sale: from 4 * 6 cm to 35* *45 cm.
Standard package thickness - 50 mic.

Are possible to deliver packages with Zip-Lock with size on your request and applied to packages flexographic seal up to 4 colours.

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