Strapping of goods

PP strapping, strapping tools, strapping machines PP strapping, strapping tools, strapping machines

The most common and least expensive strapping material available. Used for individual and group transport packaging of goods and available in a wide range of sizes and gauges. High elongation and recovery but low retained tension make polypropylene strapping an excellent choice for light duty unitizing, bundling and carton closing. Maximum break strength of 400 kg.

Steel strapping, strapping tools, equipment Steel strapping, strapping tools, equipment

Used for strapping of transport packages of lumber, bricks, armatures, concrete blocks, pipes, etc. Recommending for applications where high strength is necessary and low elongation is important. Ideal for very sharp and extremely hot products. Can be used with sealless tools that eliminate metal seals.  Maximum break strength of 720 kg.

PET strapping, strapping tools, equipment PET strapping, strapping tools, equipment

Used for strapping of heavy loads, as well as in the brick, lumber, and other demanding applications. PET strap offers clear cost and performance advantages over other packaging alternatives.  PET has excellent retained tension properties which makes it ideal for heavy duty loads that require good initial tension as well as retained tension which keeps the strap tight around the load even if the package settles and shrinks in size. Maximum break strength of 1100 kg.

CORD strapping, equipment CORD strapping, equipment

Designed for group packaging of piece products, binding long, sheet and molded products, fixing products on pallets, tying barrels and oversized cargo. In many cases, polyester cords - the bandage tape is an excellent alternative - cargo straps, a metal band, as they exceed them in economy.

Ratchet straps and rigging Ratchet straps and rigging

Used in quick strapping and un-strapping of loads in trucks, strapping of packages, pallets, etc. Cord strapping is used only in manual applications and can be sealed using buckles and metal seals or hand tied. Maximum break strength of 1000 kg.

Twine Twine

Twine - is twisted between themselves strands of polypropylene fiber, and thus a tensile strength of more than 100 kg. The thicker the string, the greater the weight of the load that can tear it up. Twine is used in agriculture, for domestic purposes, chemical industry, etc.