Shrink film packaging

Food grade PVC shrink film Food grade PVC shrink film

Belongs to a new generations of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films. Specific features include the absence of any chemical irritants and corrosive vapors in its composition.  Operating with PVC shrink film presents absolutely no health risks. This film ideally suits both manual and automatic packagers of foodstuff and other products (bakery, confectionery, semi-finished products), polygraphic products, etc.

Polyolefine shrink film Polyolefine shrink film

POF shrink film is the PVC analog but it exceeds it in strength (impact strength, tensile strength even at temperature 40oC) and mechanical properties (friction coefficient), and also provides higher shrinking at heating.

Shrink wrapping machines and shrink tunnels Shrink wrapping machines and shrink tunnels

Used for individual and group packaging of products made of any material or any configuration into the center-folded    PVC shrink film in order to create a trade cover of a product. Can be used as a substitute for cardboard or other boxes.