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Product description

It is fully automatic vacuum packaging machine. It is made of stainless steel. The machine is used for package forming of thermoforming, heat-sealing rigid or soft bottom film and heat-sealing upper film.

The line is equipped with the preheating station for using of rigid films, the photosensor for photo mark using at upper printed film, and the package gassing unit. There is an inert gas injection for increasing of goods keeping time.

At packing matrices are used on 1-4 trays:

420-1 420 2 420 3 420 4

Packaging materials:

  • Bottom film (rigid), width: 423±1mm, thickness up to 500 mic, heat-sealing, thermoforming;
  • Bottom film (soft), width: 423±1mm, thickness up to 200 mic, heat-sealing, thermoforming;
  • Upper film (soft), width: 393±1mm, thickness up to 100 mic, heat-sealing.


Packing in rigid film Packing in soft film
Packing in rigid film Packing in soft film
Model TEKOVAC-420С
Line speed, cycles per hour (1 cycle = 1 matrix) 800 - 1000
Pump capacity, m3/hour 160
Air compression pressure, atmosphere 6
Voltage, V/Hz   380 / 50
Maximal power, kilowatt 12
Weight, kg 1500
Overall dimension , mm 5500 * 930 * 1800



Brochure TEKOVAC-420С