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Product description

Teknika GROUP offers batteries of extended capacity for battery strapping tools supplied to Ukrainian market. We have batteries for the most popular models of manual strapping tools Orgapack and Signode in stock.


Description Photo Voltage, V  Capacity, Ah Usage
Battery Ni-Сa Battery Ni-Сa  12  1,5 ORT-50; BHC-2300
Battery Ni-Сa Battery Ni-Сa  12  2 ORT-50; BHC-2300 
Battery Ni-Сa Battery Ni-Сa  12  2,4 ORT-250; BXT2
Battery Ni-Mh Battery Ni-Mh  12  3,0 ORT-250; BXT2
Battery Ni-Сa Battery Ni-Сa  14,4  2,4 ORT-300