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Product description

Horizontal packing machine is destined for piece-goods packaging (biscuits, bread, cupcakes, confectionery, manufacturing details etc.) in “flow-pack” package.

Packaging machine main functions:

  • easy and useable interface allow to set the parameters easily;
  • functional diagnostics of defects, are reflecting at monitor at once;
  • eyespot high-precision detector, which allow to work at color mark and to organize more precise film sealing and cutting;
  • apart temperature test of heating elements, is convenient when using packing materials of different quality;
  • installation of effective location fixation, when knife don’t stuck and film do not waste for nothing;
  • drive system do not need special servicing;
  • all details which contact with product are from stainless steelи.
Model JY-280F JY-320F JY-450F
Productivity pcs./min 30-200 30-200 30-200
Package length, mm 60-280 80-320 100-450
Package width, mm 10-100 10-100 30-100
Product height, mm. max 60 60 60
Packing material OPP, PVC, OPP/CCP, PT/PE, KOP/CPP, ALU-FOIL
(with pure polyethylene does not work)
Bobbin width mm. max 320 340 500
Power, V 220, однофазний
Date thermal printer yes yes yes
Photosensor for working with photomethics on film yes yes yes
Overall dimensions(L*W*H),mm 4390 * 700 * 1520 4390 * 700 * 1520 4650 * 950 * 1620
Mass, kg 500 550 750

Example of operation horizontal packaging machine

Example of packing a cookies using Flow-pack

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