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Product description

Food-grade stretch film is used for packaging of foods: bakery and confectionery, semi-finished products, meat, fish, cheese, etc. The production is certified, made for safe contact with food, and is produced according to SES requirements confirmed by State Sanitary & Epidemiological commission of experts. "EPK Teknika" IS THE ONLY company in Ukraine that produces food-grade PVC stretch film. Production of film not only with standard parameters but also according to your order requirements is possible.

Film width, mkm 8-18
Film type Tight
Length in a roll, m 300-1500
Width of a roll, mm 200,250,300,350,380,400,450
Tension, not less than % 175
Break load, MPa, not less  
- in a lengthwise direction 4
- in a transversal direction 4
Break load percent elongation,%, not less  
- in a lengthwise direction 120
- in a transversal direction 60
Capacity to absorb water, g / m / 24h 140
Capacity to absorb oxygen, sm3 / m2 / 24 15000
Capacity to absorb СО2, sm3 / m2 / 24h 90000




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