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Product description


 Automatic packing mode

  • Two modes of strap tension
  • Three operating modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic
  • High-performance Li-Ion battery
  • Up-to-date plastic shockproof plastic body
  • Optimally balanced tool
  • Swiss quality (SIGNODE)
  • Tool mobility and reliability
  • Packaging without buckles and seals
  • Strap joint high efficiency
  • Ergonomic design
  • Packing high speed
  • Automatic mode prolongs life time of the parts which are exposed to natural tear and wear
  • Automatic mode excludes an operator error
  • mode for fragile commodities (soft tension)
  • High reliability at maximum loading
  • New patended floating holding plate: less tear and wear
  • New tension system: roller stops turning when handle is up
  • New sealing system: less tear and wear, less power consumption
  • Waiting mode.

It is used up-to-date Li-Ion BOSCH battery in model SIGNODE BXT2

  • Bosch Hyper Charge effect: quick charging lets to recharge the battery per 70% during half of the charging cycle.
  • * Up to 400 strapping cycles without battery recharging ( depending on a strap, tension strength, strapping perimeter, ambient temperature )
  • Unique Li-Ion premium Bosch technology: increasing of life time per 400% and exceptional battery power.
  • Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): battery protection system from overcharge, overheating and deep discharge.
  • Lack of memory effect: the battery could be charged regardless of its charging degree without damage of elements.



Tension speed (mm/s)


Tension strength (Н)

1 mode (0) 900-2500
2 mode (0) 400-1500
Strap joint СSealing by friciton
Sealing efficiency 80-90% from strap strength
Dimension, mm 334х138х148
Strap width (mm) 12-13, 15-16
Strap width (mm) (option) 9-11
Strap thickness (mm) РР/PET 0,5-1,0
Working temperature (°С) -10 до +40
Relative humidity up 90%
Vibration in handle (EN ISO 8662-1) 2,2 ms-2
Sound level (EN ISO 11202) (dB) 79
Battery (BOSCH) Li-Ion 14,4V 2.6Ah
Battery charging time (min) 20-45
Weight (including battery) (kg) 3,9
Charge device (BOSCH)    Al 1860 CV

Comparison with analogues