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Teflon fabric coated with adhesive layer

Self-adhesive fiberglass fabric with PTFE (teflon) covering (teflon (PTFE) fabric coated with adhesive layer) produced with special technology by applying for one of sides adhesive system Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. For receiving necessary consumer properties adhesive glues on the basis of silicone or acryl binders are used. Materials with such adaptive systems are recommended as protective agent   from sticking of polymers and tribodestruction products at the working parts of machines and mechanisms, for example, in such technological processes as  lamination of materials, welding of structural polymers, welding of thin packing films on the basis of polyolefins and PVC, and as anti-friction and anti-adhesion covering for smooth and  flat surfaces of friction units.

Glass fiber fabric with teflon (PTFE) covering is delivered in 30-meter rolls with the width 1 meter.

Teflon (PTFE) fabric without adhesive layer

Glass fiber fabrics with PTFE (teflon) cover (teflon fabric without adhesive layer) are produced by a way of their impregnation of dispersion PTFE (Teflon) with the following drying and technological processing of material.

Glass fiber fabrics with teflon cover (teflon fabric without adhesive layer) is delivered in 30-meter rolls with the width 1 meter.

Areas of using teflon (PTFE) fabrics are very diverse. They used in different areas of techniques and thermopackage:

  • packing of foodstuffs;
  • for baking bakery and cooking food;
  • in producing of metal windows and welding plastics;
  • producing of laminate materials;
  • producing  of paper, plastics, metal foil and fabrics;
  • processing of uncured rubber;
  • special applications requiring high grade of stickiness coating for hot bars, trays, hoppers, troughs, rollers and drums.

Packing machines:

  • dividing strapping for protect thermoseals and grabs  in producing film tare, polymer packing materials;
  • dividing strapping for protect thermoseals and grabs in producing packages in food grade film packing;
  • dividing fabrics and strapping in producing of blister package;
  • dividing ring belts for welding sides of polymer package;
  • fFabrics for blinds of shrink cameras;
  • dividing strapping for vacuum-packages;
  • dividing strapping for filling and packaging machines.

Properties of teflon fabrics:

  • Working temperature of teflon strapping is from -170°C to +260°C. (briefly to 300°C);
  • High durability at break and flexibility of teflon strapping;
  • Chemical firmness and high wear-resistance of teflon strapping;
  • Teflon strapping can be as dielectrical, so with antistatic covering;
  • Chemical inertness, allowing contact with foodstuff;
  • High firmness for chemical environment;
  • Low friction coefficient.
Mark Glue component Glutinosity,
Standard width,
Nominal thickness, mic Surface density, g/m² Break load,
Linear density of filaments, Tex for single filament Tempe-

Teflon fabric without adhesive layer
Teflon 130 mic - 1250 130 224 220 210 -170 / +260

Teflon fabric with adhesive layer
Self-adhesive teflon 120 mic Silicone 220 1250 120 360 220 210 -170 / +260

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