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Product description

We put on the surface of the packing tape inscriptions and pictures of advertising or information character. You can order printing of the logo, company name, contact phone numbers, pictures or any other information. Using strepp tape with a logo, you start to advertise the goods from the moment of its packing and transportation.

Packing tape with logo can perform such important functions:

  • acts as an unobtrusive passing advertisement - even people who are not part of your target audience will notice and remember your product;
  • allows you to quickly identify the goods in the warehouse;
  • such a tape can also be used as a "control".

The imprinting is possible in one or two colors on a tape 9 mm wide, 11-12 mm, 15-16 mm or 18-19 mm.

Example of printing on a tape

Polypropylene tape is a simple, convenient and inexpensive way to pack goods or fasten them for transportation. In addition, PP-tape can act as an advertising field, if you order a print of the logo or information about the company on it.

IVK Technics proposes to place information about your company on bandages in the shortest possible time, because Is its manufacturer, and the equipment for drawing the drawing is already integrated into the overall production line - it is enough just to specify your layout for the start of printing.