Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging is a progressive way to protect various products. For this, an airless space is created around the production, completely eliminating the multiplication of harmful aerobic microorganisms.

Vacuum packaging is capable of providing a number of advantages. Protecting food from moisture, dust, formation of organic layer (bacteria and microorganisms), and non-food products from corrosion and the formation of static electricity, it prolongs the shelf life and shelf life of goods, provides sterility.

Vacuum packages Vacuum packages

Packages are used for food packaging in vacuum packaging machines. They are made of a high-quality polyamide/polythene barrier film manufactured in Germany which allows for storage of products in a vacuum environment for a long time without spontaneous penetration of air.

Vacuum machines Vacuum machines

Vacuum machines are semi-automatic machines for foodstuff packaging with air exhaust (with the capacity of inert gas filling).

Vacuummoulding equipment Vacuummoulding equipment

It is fully automatic vacuum packaging machine. It is made of stainless steel. The machine is used for package forming of thermoforming, heat-sealing rigid or soft bottom film and heat-sealing upper film.

Vacuum pumps and consumables Vacuum pumps and consumables

Vacuum pumps are rotary-lobe pumps with oil cooling. Vacuum pumps are used alone or as a component of various units and systems. They are used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, medical industry, printing industry, etc.