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Multiplicity:120 m²

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Product description

Air bubble film is a modern material in sphere of packing, that provides heightened safety of packaged product, thanks to its unique properties. Air bubble film is produced from high pressure polyethylene (low density).

Having a low cost, air bubble film has number of significant advantages, such as: little weight (that is a substantial plus in transportation of goods, packaged in it); high mechanical strength; wide range of work temperatures (from minus 60 to plus 80 °); dust- and watertightness; high thermoinsulating properties.

There are double-layer and triple-layer air bubble film.

Double-layer air bubble film consists of two layers: layer of bubbles and smooth polyethylene layer.

Triple-layer air bubble film consists, respectively, of three layers: two layers of smooth polyethylene and layer of bubbles located between them. Triple-layer air bubble film – is more dense and strong, versus with two-layer film, material.

The main parameters of films are the diameter of the bubble and the density. Films thickness are directly depends from the diameter of the bubble. The value of permissible load on the film depends from the density. Respectively, the higher density, the bigger load the film is capable to stand.

The uniqueness of the properties: protective properties of the air bubble film are conditioned by its unusual structure. It consists of minimum 2 layers. The first layer – “basis”, the second layer – “bubbles” - is glued to “basis”. All bubbles are legibly confined and therefore, if the integrity of one bubble is broken (for example, when cutting the film, hitting, squeezing), other bubbles save the air inside themselves, thereby providing protective properties on the whole.

The main advantages of air bubble film are:

  • significant temperature range of exploitation
  • high mechanical strength
  • magnificent shock-absorbing properties
  • little weight
  • protect from the scratches
  • taking shape of the good, the film can save the place, practically not enlarging total weight
  • absolutely safe for people and environment (if using according to purpose)
  • air bubble film is reusable
  • high thermoinsulation
  • the opportunity to use in contact with the food
  • high electrical resistance (for antistatic air bubble films )
  • water- and dusttightness
  • the film is free of toxins, it doesn’t change physic-chemical properties of products and articles, packaged in it.

Greenhouse light-stabilized air bubble film. In composition of greenhouse air bubble film special additives are inputted, improving its properties and prolonging the life of the film outdoors. Greenhouse light-stabilized air bubble film is unique in its properties as cover material. Representing “double-glazed window” it has a little weight, saves from cold at 80 times better, than glass and at 120 times better, than common film. In the films composition light-stabilized additive is inputted, which prolongated the term of using films outdoors to the 5 years and prevented its destruction under the sun-light. The film passes inside necessary for the life of plants UV. The inner side, as rule, contains extra additive – antifog, preventing the formation of large drops of water condensate, obviating .so-called “lens effect”.

Air bubble film, is used for covering swimming pools, is a double-layer film. , Due to the bubbles, filled with dry air, the material is excellent held on the surface, vastly slows the process of cooling water, it doesn’t rot, doesn’t grow mouldy, doesn’t decompose, doesn’t affected by bacteria and insect. Film for swimming pools also provides water’s protection from external pollutions and moisture–isolation of external buildings.

The wide spectrum of using:

  • air bubble film is ideal for packing all types of furniture (kitchen, cabinet furniture, upholstered, office, medical etc.)
  • electronics and equipment, but special antistatic additive must be added
  • optics
  • auto parts etc.
  • ware, porcelain, glass, mirrors
  • joinery (for example, exclusive wooden doors)
  • shoes
  • advertising products and lightening devices, valuable things and antiques
  • it is indispensable for removal from flats and offices
  • can be used in building as sound-, thermo-, moisture- and wind-isolation
  • used as protect cover for swimming pool
  • applied for cover hotbeds
  • has favorable conditions for plants and used in agriculture
  • has plural ways of using in private life: curtains and doormat in bathroom, great material for covering the car, the rug for sunburn at the beach and so on.

Light stabilizers: injected for prevention photodestruction – the process of destruct polymers under the impact of sun beams. Such additives allow to receive durable light resistant greenhouse film.

Hydrophilic additive: prevents the formation of drops at the surface of greenhouse films. Result – the water which lands on a film runs on the surface and doesn’t condense by separate drops.               

Lighttransformator: converts the sun light in useful for plants spectral diapason, thereby increasing the crop yields. Because from the intensity of lightening and its spectral composition depends the formation of vitamins, ferments and other substances, playing important role in the life of plants.

Width in the roll, m Diameter of the bubble, mm Length in the roll, m. Thickness, g/sq.m
1,0 - 1,5 10; 25 100 65
1,0 - 1,5 10; 25 100 75
1,0 - 1,5 10; 25 100 90
1,0 - 1,5 10; 25 100 115
1,0 - 1,5 10; 25 100 150


   Tensile strength  Elongation at break
Lengthwise 13,7 MPa (140 kg/cm22) 280%
Broadwise 13,7 MPa (140 kg/cm2) 400%