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Product description

Filling and packaging semiautomatic devices of vertical type are designed for packing piece goods into a formed bag of polypropylene film, as well as for packing and dispensing bulk non-dusting products (cereals, nuts, coffee, granules).

For bulk and granular products

The machine is equipped with a rotary volumetric dispenser, with the help of which there is a dosage of the packed material, automatic creation of a 3-seam bag "pillow" and packaging of products into it, followed by sealing the bag.

For piece products, incl. assorted goods

The peculiarity of the semiautomatic device offered by us is a unique system of the feeding loading horizontal conveyor with volumetric trays. Using such a loading system, you can pack not only bulk products, but also piece goods, as well as assorted goods, such as: assorted hardware, various repair kits, various combinations of furniture fittings, New Year's gift sets, etc. This option significantly expands the capabilities of this semiautomatic device for filling and packaging various products.

Lineup and technical features

The main functions of the packaging machines:

  • the main functions of the packaging machines:
  • simple and practical interface makes it easy to set parameters;
  • functional diagnostics of incorrect actions in the machine settings, the error is immediately displayed on the monitor;
  • high-precision phototag sensor that allows you to work on color tags and form an exact seal and a segment of the package strictly by the phototag;
  • separate temperature control of heating elements, convenient when using packaging materials of various quality;
  • drive system does not require special care;
  • all parts in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel.
Model JEV-300G JEV-400G
Dispenser type volumetric, conveyor volumetric dispenser
Type of finished packaging pillow 3-seam bag
Productivity, pcs/min 30 - 60 20 - 50
Packing capacity 50 - 500 ml 200 - 1000 grams
Length of the finished package, mm 50 - 180 50 - 250
Finished bag width, mm 40 - 150 40 - 190
Finished bag height, mm 80 - 320 80 - 400
Packaging material OPP, PVC, OPP/CCP, PT/PE, KOP/CPP, ALU-FOIL
(does not work with pure polyethylene)
Air pressure, MPa 0,6 - 0,8
Supply voltage, V 220, single phase
Overall dimensions, mm 830 * 700 * 1580 830 * 1050 * 2090
Machine weight, kg 350 450
Guarantee 12 months
Direct phone numbers for brand managers 050-4922008 Aleksnder,   050-4038945 Gennady
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Why should you buy these pack machines from us?

Why should you buy these pack machines from us?


FREE SHIPPING   We will deliver your chosen car to any of our branches: Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kiev, Kropyvnytsky, Lviv, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkov, Kherson.
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START-UP   Commissioning and training are included in the cost of equipment: turnkey start-up.
Only thanks to full-time service engineers can we do this.
FIRST-HAND   We ourselves import these machines. We buy them directly from the manufacturer, communicating with him directly, without intermediaries.
That is why we can offer you mutually beneficial conditions...
MATERIAL RESOURCES   Our years of experience have shown that the purchase of equipment must necessarily be accompanied by the supply of basic spare parts. This allows you to quickly resolve possible problems both during the warranty period and after the warranty has ended. It is thanks to our experience, guarantees and our SC that you can be calm that the equipment will work for several years.
The task of some is simply to sell, but only experienced people understand that it is very important - it is an opportunity of long-term work, and without services it is impossible.


Operation example


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