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Product description

POF shrink film is the PVC analog but it exceeds it in strength (impact strength, tensile strength even at temperature 40°С) and mechanical properties (friction coefficient), and also provides higher shrinking at heating. POF film has much more transparence and glossy glitter. It is resistant to oil, grease and solvent. There is no polythickness, lower density (PVC density from 1,25 up to 1,4; POF density - 0,92 g/m3). There is no smell during packaging.

The main features of food grade POF film which make it differ from ordinary PVC film are in fully harmlessness at contacting with other foodstuff, in much higher tensile strength and puncture hole (the characteristic lets using thinner films where it was used thicker ones before), in high strength of the sealing seam and perfect optical specifications (gloss, transparence).

It is used in the same fields as food grade PVC shrink film : for packaging of foodstuff , non-foods, confectionery, sweet boxes, meat, semi-finished products, cheese, perfume, cosmetics and etc. POF film suits for usage as in manual and semi-automatic packaging machines as in high speed and dome packaging machines. Thanks to its unique specifications, exceptional transparence and shrinkage it could be considered as universal packaging film.

Film specifications:

  • Ecologically safe film.
    There is no harmful gas at using of ecologically pure materials. The film could be directly applied for food grade vacuum packaging.
  • High tensile strength
    Perfect package tightness and sealing seam strength.
  • High shrinkage
    Shrinking at heating > 60 %, film is very soft and it is very good for items with the specific forms. There is no specific smell at heating and it also prevents oxygen and gas hitting inside the package.
  • Strength and equal thickness
    High flexibility, stretching intensity, perfect tensile strength, transparence and perfect gloss at packaging.
  • Resistance to low and high temperatures.
    It does not lose its properties at keeping up to -35°С, and it does not shrink at + 35°С on its own.
At POF film using it is possible to use equipment which is applied for other shrink film kinds.