Sealers, means of fastening and marking

Sealers Sealers

Sealers are used for PE, PP and laminated paper bag sealing during packaging and manufacturing of different heat-sealing materials.

Bag closing machines Bag closing machines

Used for sewing of sacks, textile, PP and paper bags.  Sews with single-lane chain-stitch, which, despite its high efficiency, is easily stretchable and can be unraveled while opening the bag.

Staples, carton sealing staplers Staples, carton sealing staplers

Used for staple pinning of cardboard and corrugated cardboard carton bottom. Staplers are used for sealing of cartons, furniture upholstering, interior finishing, fastening of lightweight wooden parts, for home and office use.

Daters and etiquette-pistols Daters and etiquette-pistols

Devices designed for quick and convenient dating of goods, as well as automation of other information.