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Product description

Semi-automatic machine ET-1650P is intended for wrapping stretch film on pallets. This machine has six winding modes (five programmable and one manual), which allow you to select for each type of load an essential number of layers of film. While using this machine you get: cargo safety, consistently good packaging quality, saving on consumables.

The ET-1650P has a pre-tensioning system that can reduce film consumption up to 300%.

Warranty is 12 months.

Operating procedure

Five automatic modes of this model allow you to store 5 different programs in the memory of the palletizer. Each of them has constantly set parameters, such as:

  • number of windings below the pallet. Syne during transportation bottom of pallets hets the greatest load, it is recommended to make more windings;
  • number of windings at the top of the pallets;
  • carriage speed up/down;
  • number of carriage passes.

This model is semi-automatic, therefore, requires the participation of an operator who must:

  • install a pallet in the working area of the palletizer;
  • fix the edge of the stretch roll at the base of the pallet;
  • run one of five programs or conduct a manual winding;
  • crop the stretch and remove the pallet.

This model is NOT equipped with a ramp, but it can be ordered separately.



  • Soft START/STOP rotation of the platform in the initial / final stage wrap;
  • Regulation of the platform rotation speed from 1 to 15 rpm;
  • Six winding programs;
  • Automatic detection of cargo height on a pallet;
  • Maximum pallet weight - 2000 kg;
  • Maximum pallet height - 2300 mm;
  • Turntable diameter - 1650 mm;
  • Turntable height - 80 mm;
  • Drive turntable - chain;
  • Drive of the carriage with the film - chain;
  • Installed capacity engine platform - 0.75 kW;
  • Installed capacity carriage motor - 0.18 kW;
  • Overall dimensions: 1530 * 1650 * 2580;
  • Weight - 650 kg;
  • Voltage - 220V, 50 Hz;
  • Productivity - up to 24 pallets per hour;
  • Roll dimensions stretch film      
    • max width - 500 mm;
    • max diameter - 240 mm.


Why should you buy this equipment from us?

Why should you buy this equipment from us?


FREE SHIPPING   We can deliver your chosen car to any of this cities: Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kiev, Kropyvnytskyi, Lviv, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkov, Kherson.
This is a large-sized equipment, not every company provides free delivery.
START-UP   Our experts can carry out commissioning and training: turnkey start-up.
Only thanks to full-time service engineers we can do this.
FIRST-HAND   We import these machines ourselves. We buy them directly from the manufacturer, communicating with him, without intermediaries.
That is why we can offer you mutually beneficial conditions ...
MATERIAL BASE   As our experience has shown, equipment always must be accompanied by spare parts. This can help you to eliminate possible problems quickly, both during the warranty period and after the warranty. Thanks to our experience, guarantees and our SC - you can be sure that our equipment will work for several years.
The aim of the others is simply to sell, ours is mainly to provide long term work, which can be easily reached thanks to our service technicians.


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