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Product description

A mobile hand luggage wrapper is used per automatic luggage wrapping into stretch film, which prevents it from damages.

The mobile hand luggage wrapper is mainly installed in railway stations and airports.

The mobile hand luggage wrapper is equipped with:

  • an electronic controller of rotating platform rotary speed, which lets to pack outsized and unstable luggage easily;
  • vertically movable carriage;
  • an electronic control of preliminary stretch film tension (film consumption reduction more than two times);
  • the controlled platform base, which lets to put luggage of different sizes onto it.
  • a counter of produced package quantity.
 Mode  Mobile hand luggage wrapper
 Packing material stretch film 17-35 microns
 Film width, mm  500
 Platform rotating speed rpm  20
 Luggage weight, kg max  max 50
 Luggage dimensions (LхWхH), mm    max 1300 * 500 * 1000
 Supply voltage, V  220
 Installed capacity, kilowatt  0,8
 Wrapper overall dimension (LхWхH), mm 1650 * 650 * 1500
 Wrapper weight, kg 250

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