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Product description

Automatic machine for goods pallet wrapping with the mechanism of stretch pretension, electromagnetic friction of stretch tension. Automatic and manual modes with the ability of wrapping quantity programming at the top and at the bottom of the pallet. It is maximum equipped model with the more effective system of motoring stretch pretension up to 220%, the usage of which provides extremely saving package conditions.


  • Machine is completed with press unit for unstable goods;
  • Ability of working in manual mode
  • Ability of working in automatic mode:
    • Double wrapping cycle (up and down)
    • Set time of additional wrapping at the bottom and at the top of the pallet
  • Automatic pallet height identification («photo-eye») 
  • Soft START/STOP of platform rotation at primary/final wrapping stage.
  • Speed control of platform rotation from 1-10 RPM and stopping at given position (positioning).
  • Film tension is carried out by a carriage with regulated mechanical brake
  • Maximum pallet weight is – 2000 kg
  • Maximum pallet height – 2100 mm
  • Rotatable platform diameter – 1500 mm
  • Rotatable platform height – 80 mm
  • Rotatable platform chain drive
  • Chain drive of carriage moving with film
  • Fixed power of platform motor – 0,75 kW
  • Fixed power of pre-stretching motor – 0,2 kW
  • Weight - 800 kg
  • Overall dimensions (mm): 1510 х 2550 х 3000
  • Supply voltage – 220 V 50 H
  • Stretch film dimensions:
    • Maximum roll width for 500mm
    • Maximum roll diameter is 300mm.


Palletizer machine stretch packaging example

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