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Product description

Automatic packing machine T-560A is used for packaging of various objects (books, accessories, spare parts, toys, tobacco, metal or wood products, food containers, cardboard boxes with a variety of goods, etc.) by their wrapping thin shrinkable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyolefin (PEF) film and the film after heat sealing of the wrapper. The resulting clear packaging provides an attractive buyer for the type of goods and protects it from corrosion and contamination. Possible subsequent shrinking of the film in the machine termotunnele established in order to obtain more attractive packaging, tight fitting goods.

The maximum package size (L * W * H) mm 570 * 480 * 180
Conveyor speed, m / min 10-15
Performance, packs / min  20-30
Material shrink film POF
Film Thickness, mm 15-25
Voltage, V 380
Power in kW 1,5
Dimensions, mm 1600 * 770 * 1450


Example of toilet paper packaging (pre-sale)