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Product description

The device is used for individual and group packaging products in PVC shrink film, PP, centrefolded PE.

For one cycle of package wrapping, sealing and cutting of a film at L - figure knife with protective system and cooling is effected at the same time. Product enter at conveyor to wrapping and sealing zone. After sealing and seam cutting transporter strap deliver wrapped product at heat tunnel for the next shrink at chamber.

Offering high performance and low cost of electricity, equipment is compact and easy to operate. Equipment is used for serial production.

Automatic line TEKOPACK Thermo T-560B
Dimension, mm 1270 * 660 * 850
Power consumption, kW 7,5
Voltage, V 380
Package dimensions high, width, mm 450 * 260
Length, mm not limit
Film material PVC, POF
Control type micro processor
Dimension, mm 1600 * 770 * 1450
Voltage, V/Hz 380/50
Conveyor speed, m/min 0-15
Seal size, mm 570 * 480
Power consumption, kW 8
Film material PVC, POF (centrefolded type)
Work air pressure, atm 6
Performance, package/min 37