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Product description

The device is used for individual and group packaging products in PVC shrink film, PP, centrefolded PE. For one cycle of package sealing and cutting of a film at L - figure knife with protective system and cooling is effected at the same time. After sealing and cutting, conveyer belt is turned on and product move to chamber for further shrink.

Offering high performance and low cost of electricity, equipment is compact and easy to operate. Equipment is used for serial production.

These machines are often used for packaging of:

  • foodstuff;
  • printed goods;
  • office supplies;
  • audio and video cassettes etc

TL-450 and shrink tunnel 4525

Model TL-450A
Dimension, mm 1580 * 716 * 935
Voltage, V/(Hz)  220 / 50
Conveyor speed, m/min .  0 - 15
Depth of lowering of the conveyor, mm  100
Seam, mm  500 * 400
Fixed power, kW 3,8
Film material PVC, PP, PE
Max. shrink film thickness, mic 600
Mass, kg 120