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Product description

Packing machine TEKOPACK T-6030 is used for packaging of wide range of goods in film in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries etc. 

This machine is usually used on production lines for process automation of making the easy-to-use, good-looking and hygienic package which emphasizes sales appeal and properties of goods. 

This machine also helps to cut down the expenses on goods packaging during transportation.

The machine consists of: 

  • two-roll preparatory semi-automatic device which ensure formation of goods package when passing through two unwinding rolls of film by wrapping the goods in film, its thermal sealing and cutting-off;

  • shrink tunnel, passing through which film of package, that was formed in two-roll preparatory semi-automatic device, heats and shrinks; consequently package takes attractive and easy for transportation and storage shape with minimal sizes and cost. 

Model Т–6030
Type of used tape PVC, PP, PE
Max. package dimensions (L*W*H), mm 550 * 500 * 360
Output rate, package/min 12 -16
Air pressure, atmosphere 6
Line voltage, V 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Overall dimensions, mm 3900 * 1000 * 2100


Examples of work (with pre-sale preparation)