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Product description

Silicone Oil TEKOPACK - obschetselevoho purpose funds. Yspolzuetsya for smazыvanyya surfaces and details Or metal plastic. Apply in kachestve razdelytelnoy lubricants.


  • An analogue of the well-known WD-40, but is less aggressive. It is recommended when using polystyrene, different kinds of film;
  • High-grade lubricant;
  • Resistant to low temperature;
  • A good electrical insulator;
  • It is not flammable;
  • Not suitable in sites with high load . oil with a snug fit of contact places almost completely squeezed out of them.

Areas of use:

  • The Shrinking equipment for lubrication termonozha. This improves the quality of the seal, the oil prevents the sticking of the film rests on the knife, the work becomes more comfortable with the equipment, reducing the number of cleanings. Application is made by spraying oil piece of cloth and wipe it open part of the thermo knife;
  • Lubricate the bearings, fasteners winter inventory (skis, snowboards);
  • It is used in all areas as a "aesthetic" lubricants (colorless, easy to apply, is distributed evenly over the surface)
Bottle capacity, ml 200
Mass fraction of silicone, % 100
Flash-point, °С no less 220
Congelation point, °С -70
Order and buy silicone oil (200 ml spray) you can directly on our website or by visiting any of our offices in the cities of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Kirovograd, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kherson. More detailed information can be obtained on the phone numbers listed in the Contact section.