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Product description

Vacuum machines are used in food, chemical, radio-electronic, bank and other fields. Vacuum machines are semi-automatic units for hermetical sealing of vacuum packages. The following parameters can be set on the control panel: time of air exhaust from the chamber, package sealing time, temperature of sealing, chamber's impermeability control. The cycle comes to an end with an automatic opening of the vacuum chamber's cover. All machines are supplied with a dating option. Packages of special materials that allow long-term storage of products in the vacuum environment without spontaneous penetration of air inside the package are used for sealing.

Some models have a system of gas filling of packages (packaging in the modified gas environment (MGE)), i.e. after air exhaust the filling of package by inert gas takes place, due to which the length of preservation of packaged products is far longer than in vacuum packaging without inert gas.
The body of vacuum machines DZQ-500-2SB (6317), reversible cover and the camera are made of stainless steel.

Model DZQ-500-2SB (6317)
Package gas filling system +
System of dating +
Quantity of chambers 2
Air exhaust speed 11  l /sec
63 m3/hour
Packed product size (L*W*H), max mm 500 * 420 * 130
Sealing line length, mm 500
Н (chamber depth), mm 300
Seal width, mm 10
Voltage, V 380
Power, kW 1.5
Mass, kg 245
Dimensions, mm  
Comparison with analogues