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Product description

The single-stage oil vacuum pump of the ZD series is designed to create a vacuum in tanks and lines.

This unit is widely used in packaging, food production, medicine, metallurgy, and in technological processes of a number of other industrial sectors.

Main advantages

  • ease of use;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • quiet operation and low vibration level;
  • the presence of an automatic valve, which prevents the ingress of oil from the pump into the pumped system;
  • the presence of an air filter. Prevents dust and particles from entering the pump, which increases the service life of the unit;
  • high efficiency motor.

Use a special oil for vacuum pumps as the working fluid, which can also be purchased from us.

ZD series vacuum pump schema


Model ZD
Air exhaust speed, m³/h 63
Max pressure, Ра 2*10²
Power, kW 1,5
Speed of rotation, rot/min 1450
Oil volume, L 1,5
Inlet connection diameter, inches 1 1/4
Voltage, V 380
Mass, kg 70
Dimensions, mm 610 * 344 * 292