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Product description

"Skin" technology is used for transparent and attractive packaging of office supplies, toys, small objects, souvenirs, computer, automobile and electric parts, different kinds of instruments, etc. The process of packaging is efficient and fast and is presented as 3 in 1: vacuumization, covering and soldering. A "Skin" package is more convenient than blister as it is not deformed by pressing.

"Skin" packaging does not need any moulds or stencils for moulding, and does not need special cardboard for bottom layer. The package is dust- and water-proof and is good for placing on self-service stands.

Model TB-390
Film 'Skin' film with a glue layer
Film width, mm 450
Packaging zone, ΠΌΠΌ 540 * 390
Packaging speed, cycle/h up to 60
Voltage, V 380
Power, kW 7,5
Weight, kg 170
Dimension, mm 1000 * 700 * 1220

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