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Product description

Used for strapping of transportation packages of saw-timber, bricks, armature, glass pack, tubes, furniture, etc. Sealing is made through a sealless joint with triple notching.

ластівчин хвіст

The main features are:

  • Sealless joint that does not require the use of a separate sealer and metal seals
  • The possibility to adjust for different widths and thicknesses of strap
  • Simplicity and convenience in operation.


Моdel MUL-20
Strap drawing power, kg 600
Strap width, mm 13-19
Strap thickness, mm (with breaking point up to 45 kg/mm2) 0,3-0,8
Strap thickness, mm (with breaking point up to 90 kg/mm2) 0,3-0,7
Solidity of strap lock, % 80
Маss, kg 4,1
Dimensions, mm 370 * 120 * 200
Comparison with analogues