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Product description

High-precision scales with a wide range of functions which simplify work while weighing. This model is equipped with 16-grade indicators, weight and price calculator, package mass calculation function, tare and other functions. It possesses such important characteristics as stability and steadiness of readouts, accomplished measuring process, small own weight, elegance and attractive price. It is equipped from the customer's side with an indicator of price registration. Uses AC power or battery 6V/4A*h.

Application: weighing and pricing of goods in shops, supermarkets, markets, etc.
Model BW-15 BW-30
Loading, max kg 15 30
Discrecity 1g up to 3kg; 2g up to 6kg;
5g up to 15kg
1g up to 3kg; 2g up to 6kg;
5g up to 15kg; 10g up to 30kg
Dimensions, mm 355 * 348 * 120 355 * 348 * 120
Weight, kg 4,44 4,44
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