Stretch film packaging

A quick and convenient option to save during transportation any kind of goods - chemicals, food group, equipment and household items - is a film for packing goods.

Technical stretch film Technical stretch film

Used for dust, moisture, and dirt protection of goods and for fastening of goods on pallets during warehousing and transportation. Highly transparent film.

Air bubble film Air bubble film

Modern material in the field of packaging, which ensures the increased safety of the packaged product, thanks to its unique properties. Air bubble film is made of high-density polyethylene (low density).

Cellular polyethylene IZOLON Cellular polyethylene IZOLON

Cellular polyethylene IZOLON - versatile material, one of  few combining properties  of  sound-, thermal- and waterproofing. Current material is harmless and do not contain toxic elements- its appliance is even  permitted in food industry i.e. direct contact with foodstuff is permitted.

Machines and tools Machines and tools

Film wrapping can be manual or automatic. Palletizers and horizontal palletizers are used for mechanization of stretch film wrapping of goods on pallets in applications with large-sized packaging.